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When will construction begin?
Site preparation started in late 2017 and foundations began in early 2018.

How long will construction take?
Construction will take between 36 and 40 months.

If the project has been unanimously approved, why not begin construction earlier?
For construction work to begin, architects and civil engineers, are working on the final “Construction Documents” detailing every inch of the project. These documents will then be submitted to The City for permit review and approval. A General Contractor shall then be selected to perform the construction.

When will “Neighborhood Street Improvements” begin?
Six months after the execution of the Revised Development Agreement with the City of Coral Gables (estimated by June 2017). Physical work on the streets will start as the permits get approved by The City.

What type of retail businesses are expected to be at The Plaza?
Mainly food, beverage, family/cultural entertainment, and selective retail/services.

What will happen with the “Historic House”?
It will be kept as the artistic, historic, and cultural center of The Plaza.

Will there be condominium departments and/or houses for sale?
No. Apartments are for rent; townhomes, retail space and offices for lease.