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Development Update: July 2018

After years of planning and pre-construction efforts, we are officially “Going Vertical”. We received the first Master Building permit from the City of Coral Gables on July 10th.  This is a major milestone which allows all aspects of construction in the North parcel to proceed.  Foundation work and underground utility work will continue, immediately followed by columns and elevated slabs.  Coastal-Tishman has been selected as the General Contractor for the first stage.  The structure for the signature class “A” office building and residential tower will start to rise up from the ground in coming months.  The very aggressive construction schedule for the North Parcel is only 21 months.  Final design and permitting for subsequent stages of the project are also advancing quickly.  By year’s end, we will commence construction in the Central Parcel and the South Parcel will follow. Our entire team is extremely proud to be a part of history in the making.

Development Update

We are proud to announce that we have selected Coastal-Tishman as the general contractor for our first packages of the project “The Plaza Coral Gables”.  Coastal Tishman is one of South Florida’s premier construction management firms and a great asset to our development team.

While we wait for the issuance of the first master building permit, which we expect in early July, we continue our pre-construction efforts to be fully prepared for vertical construction.  These pre-construction activities consist of the implementation of the maintenance of traffic plan, utility relocation, and foundation pile work which was started earlier this year.  Once started, we anticipate that work on the North and Central parcels will take approximately 24 months to complete.

From the moment we start, there will be a seamless flow of construction activity on all parcels from north to south in a “clockwise” manner.

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Temporary Street Closures

“The Plaza Coral Gables” Development Team is pleased to announce that the site preparation continues full speed ahead in order to be able to start the construction activities in the first quarter of 2018. As the preliminary works (demolition, backfilling and material transportation) plus the future construction activities occur on all parcels of the Project Site simultaneously, the 1-block street portions of Coconut Grove Dr. and Palermo Ave. (contained within the project site) will be closed for the duration of the construction (please see below diagram). This will preserve vehicle and pedestrian safety while also allowing construction vehicles to do most loading/unloading activities, etc. from within the site without blocking Ponce de Leon or any of the neighboring streets.

map street closure-Nov 2017

Construction/Site Preparation Update

The proper traffic signalization, fences and gate, etc. are currently being procured and the actual street closures are scheduled to start in the next 2-3 weeks.

Please click here for the full detailed MOT plan.

Curb Improvement on Malaga Avenue

Permits are in place and work is scheduled to commence during the first 2 weeks of October for the improvement of the road alignment and street curb on Malaga Ave. (between Ponce de Leon and Coconut Grove Drive).

The work is scheduled to last between 1 and 1 and a half weeks. These improvements are necessary to widen the street at the curve and to make that segment of Malaga Ave. safer and easier to drive (see picture).

Malaga curb

October Construction Updates

We would like to share the latest news on our construction activities.

North Parcel:

The North Parcel between, Sevilla and Palermo Aves. has been filled with material and compacted to street level (covering the hole that was left open several years ago when the old office tower was demolished).

We have started preliminary structural construction with the installation and testing of pile foundations. Once testing is complete, the bulk of the pile foundation construction for this parcel will continue for a couple of months, starting sometime in late October or mid-November.

[wpvideo jqOq1Z4R]

Central and South Parcels:

Work continues with the excavation and demolition old abandoned utilities below grade. This work will continue for the next 2 months.

Keep checking this site for the latest updates on our construction progress.

North Parcel Pre-construction Progress


The Plaza Coral Gables continues working on the site located between Sevilla and Palermo streets, known as “North parcel”. Keeping up with this effort, we are still targeting an early 2018 groundbreaking.

While the design and the entitlement process is ongoing “behind the scenes” for the overall project, today you can see our crews actively working on site to restore this parcel. Earthwork equipment is being used to remove all debris and unsuitable material from the property, while graders and compactors are filling the site to the necessary elevation.

The complete North Parcel will be filled up to street elevation in preparation for structural foundations. In a few weeks, we will be able to remove all abandoned underground utilities from the rest of the property.

The North Parcel restoration process is expected to be completed by mid-October. We plan to begin the foundation work soon after that.



[wpvideo jUtYIJVi]

Pre-Construction Activities

We wish to anticipate that the start of the construction execution stage is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018. 

Prior to the “official” groundbreaking, the plan is to continue and complete pre-construction activities that involve removing leftover elements from the basement located in the north parcel, remove any abandoned underground utilities, and fill the site to the required technical elevation.  Expect these pre- construction activities to continue and increase in scope very soon. Stay tuned!

The Century Bank´s building demolition is 100% completed

The last standing structure within the perimeter of the “The Plaza Coral Gables” project site, were the former offices of Century Bank, located on 3001 Ponce de Leon Blvd. and Malaga Av.  The building´s demolition was completed in May 2017.  


Temporary Pedestrian Circulation Plan

Continuing our efforts and commitment to provide safety and security around the project site for the Coral Gables’ community, all work related to improvements to the “Temporary Pedestrian Circulation Plan” have been completed. The scope of this effort included:  sidewalk maintenance and repairs, handicap access ramps and street signs, as well as new and improved site fencing and windscreens.


Starting Work on the Right of Way Improvements

We are pleased to announce that on April 28th we submitted to the City of Coral Gables a permit request to start execution of temporary safety improvements for safety and pedestrian circulation around the project site. These include sidewalk repairs/maintenance, sidewalk handicap ramp accesses as well as new and improved site fencing and windscreens.

The permit has just been approved by the City of Coral Gables on May 8, 2017 and the work has been started immediately. The expected duration for these upgrades is approximately 3 weeks. We will keep you informed!


To see this plan with better resolution, click here: Pedestrian Circulation Plan

Planos de circulacion