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Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements


The design and permitting process for all elements east of Ponce has been completed. After a long and tedious process, the Civil drawings that were submitted to the Miami Dade county traffic engineering department last year have been finally approved. We have finalized and signed the design-build contract with Superior Landscaping Inc., for the East area improvements and Superior Landscaping is now submitting the completed drawings and documents to the City of Coral Gables for a permit.  Construction can finally start.

Now that the design is finalized and with the contractor on-board, the schedule for the improvements is as follows:

• AREA #1 – East side – permit issuance by City – May 2020, Construction start in June 2020 and to be completed by December 2020
• AREA #2 – South Side  (Santander+ San Sebastian East of Ponce)- Construction start in December 2020, to be completed by May 2021

We are excited to finally be able to start the neighborhood streetscape upgrades in the area and remain committed to getting this project completed within the projected schedule.


The West area remains on-hold as we await the final direction from The City of Coral Gables (that may come after further meetings with the area neighbors).



Note: All questions pertaining to the scope of this project should be directed to the CITY OF CORAL GABLES, PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT.

Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements

A great deal of effort has been made to push the Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements Project forward since receiving a preliminary “green light” from the City in May of 2018. A detailed survey of the right of way was conducted. Civil, landscape, electrical, and structural drawings have been prepared by our design-build partners and have been presented to the City and County agencies.

WEST AREA IMPROVEMENTS (Catalonia Av, Malaga Av., and Santander Av.) by LeJeune:

Momentum was lost at the beginning of this year when it was brought to the City and our attention that some of the residents of the West area Improvements were not pleased with the proposed improvements. Subsequent meetings were held with the City and a few of the concerned residents to discuss the issues and consider the options. A viable solution to make everyone happy was not found. In order to keep the process moving forward, a decision was made by the City to put the West section of the project on hold indefinitely.

EAST AREA IMPROVEMENTS (East Neighborhood between Ponce de Leon and Douglas):

The design and permitting process for all elements east of Ponce has continued. The Civil drawings were submitted to the Miami Dade county traffic engineering department for a “dry run review” in February of this year. The comments that were made by the County have since been addressed and a revised set of documents will be submitted to the County the week of 10/21/19. Approval by the County is required in order to proceed with the permitting process. The County approval is expected by the end of November. Once the permit is approved by the County, and the City of Coral Gables approves the scope and City permit construction can finally start. If the City approves this by the end of this year, a realistic start date for the construction of the improvements is January/February of 2020 with an estimated duration of 37 weeks.

We are committed to getting this project started and will do everything within our power to implement the vision that the City has for this area of “The City Beautiful”.

Note: All questions pertaining to the scope of this project should be directed to the City of Coral Gables, Public Works Department.

Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements (Final Plan)

On January 24th 2018, Agave Ponce LLC, Dover Kohl & Partners, the City of Coral Gables and the neighbors met at the Police station Meeting Room to go over the final Proposed Streetscape Improvements based on the previous sessions and meetings.

Bellow is the Dover Kohl Presentation as presented, including small revisions/changes based on the final comments from various neighbors who attended the meeting. This presentation is now with the City Of Coral Gables for their final review and approval.

As soon as this is approved by the City, Agave Ponce will start with the works which will begin with site surveying, civil and landscaping construction documents preparation and permitting both with the City and Miami-Dade County.

We will keep you posted!

Click Here to See  the Final Plan for the Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements

Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements


Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements

The final Streetscape Improvements Presentation to the Neighborhood has been scheduled for January 24, 2018 at 6:30 PM. It will take place at the meeting room on the basement of the Coral Gables Police Department Building.

The complete address is:

Coral Gables Police Department
2801 Salzedo St #1
Coral Gables, FL 3313

Dover Kohl and Partners will be presenting the final scope of the street, lighting, and landscaping improvements to the neighborhood areas based on the previous meetings held with neighbors, the City of Coral Gables and Agave Ponce, LLC.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

Craft Section

Off-Site Improvement News

Agave Ponce and the City of Coral Gables are reviewing the plan, schedule and budget for the off-site improvements based on the design provided by Dover Kohl, which will be presented to the neighbors within a month. We will publish any updates as they are received.

Curb Improvement on Malaga Avenue

Permits are in place and work is scheduled to commence during the first 2 weeks of October for the improvement of the road alignment and street curb on Malaga Ave. (between Ponce de Leon and Coconut Grove Drive).

The work is scheduled to last between 1 and 1 and a half weeks. These improvements are necessary to widen the street at the curve and to make that segment of Malaga Ave. safer and easier to drive (see picture).

Malaga curb

North Parcel Pre-construction Progress


The Plaza Coral Gables continues working on the site located between Sevilla and Palermo streets, known as “North parcel”. Keeping up with this effort, we are still targeting an early 2018 groundbreaking.

While the design and the entitlement process is ongoing “behind the scenes” for the overall project, today you can see our crews actively working on site to restore this parcel. Earthwork equipment is being used to remove all debris and unsuitable material from the property, while graders and compactors are filling the site to the necessary elevation.

The complete North Parcel will be filled up to street elevation in preparation for structural foundations. In a few weeks, we will be able to remove all abandoned underground utilities from the rest of the property.

The North Parcel restoration process is expected to be completed by mid-October. We plan to begin the foundation work soon after that.



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The Century Bank´s building demolition is 100% completed

The last standing structure within the perimeter of the “The Plaza Coral Gables” project site, were the former offices of Century Bank, located on 3001 Ponce de Leon Blvd. and Malaga Av.  The building´s demolition was completed in May 2017.  


Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements

We are convinced that the success of this development project lies with understanding the current environmental needs as well as strongly collaborating with the Coral Gables community. The recently completed “Crafts Section: Proposed Streetscape Improvements” package is the result of several meetings, presentations, work sessions and walk-throughs with Coral Gables City staff, Urban designers “Dover Kohl & Partners” and the neighbors. This document incorporates the allocated budgets for the several street improvements, coordinated with the neighbors’ feedback and comments.

The complete package was submitted to the City of Coral Gables on June 16, 2017, and is currently being reviewed by City officials. Once the authorities conclude their review, a final meeting with the neighbors, interested parties and City Officials will be organized and scheduled by the City, where the Program Coordinator/Urban Designer, Dover Kohl & Partners and City Staff will present to the various neighborhoods, their decisions and final remarks and scope of work related to “Neighborhood Streets Offsite Improvements”.

The City of Coral Gables will advise on the location and date for these final meetings, and we will continue to post any related updates/new information on this website under “News & Milestones”.

2017-07-12 11.36.13



Temporary Pedestrian Circulation Plan

Continuing our efforts and commitment to provide safety and security around the project site for the Coral Gables’ community, all work related to improvements to the “Temporary Pedestrian Circulation Plan” have been completed. The scope of this effort included:  sidewalk maintenance and repairs, handicap access ramps and street signs, as well as new and improved site fencing and windscreens.